WordPress Export XSL

WordPress implements an Export function which allows bloggers to download the contents of their blog as a single XML file.


WP.XSL is an XSL file to transform the WordPress Export XML into an HTML page.

This HTML page lists all article titles with dates, categories and link to the original URL in the blog.

Clicking the article’s title will expand the list to display the contents of the selected article.


WP.TOC.XSL is an XSL file which transforms a WordPress Export XML into an HTML page listing the table of contents of the blog, i.e. titles linking to the original blog articles.

Radiobuttons to the left allow the selection of any of the blog's categories, filtering the list of titles to the selected category.

The WordPress HTML XSL file is available for download here.

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 October 2009 09:29
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