Check all T-SQL objects (views, stored procedures, functions) of an MS SQL Server database


checktsql is a Windows application which connects to an MS SQL Server database and

  • SELECTs from every view
  • EXECUTEs every stored procedure using NULL parameters
  • SELECTs every function
  • SELECTs from every table-valued function

inside a transaction which will be rolled back after each execution.

Setting the FMTONLY flag will check all conditional paths in the code.


  • Connect to an MS SQL Server database using Windows or SQL Server login
  • Check all objects as described above, optionally setting FMTONLY on or off
  • Restrict output window to display objects raising errors only
  • Copy check result as complete list or list of objects with errors to the clipboard

See the blog for articles on checktsql.


  • Windows with .Net 2.0 Framework installed
  • MS SQL Server (2005+)

Change Log

  • 100528 Initial Release 1.00