Forms Toolkit Features

Searching, Replacing, and Setting Property Values

  • Search:   Search for exact value or value range
  • Replace:   Replace search results by fixed or calculated value
  • Set:   Assign fixed value

Adding and Deleting Objects

  • Add:   Copy and reference (subclass) objects
  • Delete:   Delete matching objects

Filtering Objects

  • Restrict the objects to be search and modified by defining filter criteria:
  • Object type, object name
  • Property values
    of the object or the parent object

More Functionality

  • Define projects containing all Forms files of an application
  • Save the definition of a search or replace operation to file
  • Combine several single operations as a batch operation
  • Object and property browser
  • Extract quoted texts and display text properties
  • Detailed protocol
  • Files supported by Forms Open API: fmb, pll, mmb, olb

System Requirements

  • Oracle Forms Developer 6, 6i, 9i, 10g under Windows