oraddlscript is a command-line utilty based on the concept of SMOscript to generate CREATE scripts of database objects in an Oracle database.

oraddlscript uses the functions DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL and GET_XML to retrieve CREATE statements and XML representation of all objects owned by a specified user.

oraddlscript 0.14.3584.16268 (c) by devio.at 2009

list and script databases and database objects.

usage: oraddlscript [options] [command]

options: (leading '-' or '/')

-s server TNS name or host name or host:port
-svc service service name (if host name is provided)
-o owner owner name

-u username username (default: integrated authentication)
-p password password (if -u is missing, password for sa)

-f filename output to file
-F directory output to directory

-A current ANSI codepage
-T Unicode


l list objects
s script object/s (using dbms_meta.get*ddl)
-xml use dbms_meta.get*xml

list object owners on server (implied by -s)
list objects in database (implied by -s -o)
script all objects (implied by -s -o -F/-f)

The oraddlscript utility implements the following functions:

  • list all object owners in a database
  • list all objects owned by a database user
  • script CREATE for each object in database
  • create XML representation for each object in database

Resulting script are either written to a single file, or to a separate file for each object.

Command line switches were selected to be compatible with scptxfr, but support both “-” and “/” as switch marker.

devioblog describes the latest changes to oraddlscript here. oraddlscript is available for download here.