VS Solution Dependency Visualizer

VS Solution Dependency Visualizer creates png and dia charts based on Visual Studio solutions, displaying the dependencies of the solution's project files.

Feature List

  • Installs into context menu of .sln files
  • Hierarchical view of projects in solution folders
  • Select projects to be included in dependency analysis
  • Command line supports multiple .sln file parameters
  • Display projects in solution
  • Display assemblies referenced by projects (including GAC and system assemblies)
  • Display used directories
Solution Folders
  • Display contained files
  • Display used directories
  • Display referenced projects and assemblies
  • Display referencing projects
  • Display files in project
  • Display used directories
Dependency Chart
  • Display dependency chart in separate window
  • Display dependencies between projects
  • Display assembly dependencies of projects
  • Display dependencies between solution folders
  • Zoom and full-size
  • Save dependency chart as .png
  • Save dependency chart as .dia for editing
  • Version 0.94: Support for .NET Core projects

Follow the blog on more information on VS Solution Dependency Visualizer.

Download the latest version