Forms Toolkit


FTK enables you to search and edit Oracle Forms files.

Multiple forms at a time can easily be search for texts, numeric or boolean values. The Forms files need not be opened one-by-one - just name the files to be processed, or define a project in FTK containing the Forms files and refer to the project instead.

The search results kann be modified by assigning fixed values or by simple calculations. For example, when searching for texts, either the matching text or the whole text containing the matching text can be replaced. Further, text can be appended at the beginning or at the end.

Oracle Forms files are organized as objects and their properties. FTK allows for detailed filtering of which types of objects and which properties are to be searched or replaced. Filters are applied either to the objects being searched, or to their parent objects.

The definitions of search and replace operations can be saved as files, and can thus be repeated with other Forms files, other properties or other filters.

As a result of executing operations, a protocol is generated. The operator can use this protocol to check the effects of the operation. Optionally, FTK can compile the Forms files after modification, thus providing a check mechanism to verify that the operations generated correct results.

All operations are directly executed in the file system. FTK does not require to import the Forms files into a database or a repository. FTK runs on a typical Windows PC with Oracle Forms Developer installed.


Usage examples

The whole source code of an application has to be searched for the name of a table, a column or some keyword of the application (e.g. to estimate costs resulting from a change in the data model, etc.)

For all items referencing a certain column, the allowed input length must be increased or reduced.

All items on a certain canvas must be moved left or right a certain number of pixels.

All required input items must be displayed in a different color.